The way mystery can be so very sticky and tricky.

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¬†Eline: Blouse/Vintage, Legging/H&M, Necklace/H&M, Bracelets/Ebay, Rings/Random, Shoes/Gift Katchiri: Jacket/Random, Shirt/Bershka, Legging/H&M, Shoes/Cafe moda, Necklace/Random, Earrings/H&M The looks I promised you! Katchiri and I faced the cold for you guys. It looks so much warmer then it actually was haha. This is what we wear underneath…

Never fight negativity with negativity

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Something on my mind lately: There are always people who will do everything in their power to make other people miserable.. so that they feel a little less miserable. Most people do this subtle and unconsciously. They try to talk you down, make you feel…