Blair and chuck got to come together at some point and have little Chuck babies in bow ties.

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We made some pictures inside for ones. With the sun leaving us so early, it’s more convenient for the lazy us to just take pictures sitting on a nice cosy warm bed. And it’s nice to see a change for once right!. I never told you but I kinda have a big love for bow ties. I hardly ever wear them I know.. but I do adore them a lot. I most of the time prefer to wear jewellery on top of my blouses but I think I have to diverse sometimes.  Wearing the lovely casual shoes which I talked about in my last post. I’m so craving to buy myself Dr.Martens but I have to save my money for a camera. I’m not the type to ‘save money’ so I have to stay strong haha. They will be mine soon though. <:-)

I think creativity and imagination is something that needs to be brought into the world as much as possible. That’s what I’m striving for.

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Good evening (at least writing this in Amsterdam) my lovely HerPhoenix readers. Hope you’re doing well? Made these two pictures while shopping with my guy. I was wearing this vintage jacket which I found for only 8 euro’s in a small vintage shop. It reminds me of a chanel vintage jacket, the details are just stunning. I was wearing this animal print vintage blouse under the jacket with some casual shoes underneath. I tend to wear uncomfortable shoes a lot, even my ‘casual’ black vintage boots are not so pain free and delighted,. so it felt heavenly to walk around with these. I will post a detailed photo of them another day because I didn’t get all the pictures yet. Something that you may not know about my guy is that sometimes I believe he is even more addicted to shoes than I am (..really..). He is on shoe-hunt on the internet 24/7 and knows all the important updates. I think that I’m going to do a post about his obsession with some pictures of the pieces that I love the most. He has for example amazing animal print dr, martens. I wish I could rock those, but they are just to big to walk on a daily basis. It’s amazing that I can share my love for clothing with him. And with my dad!! If you would see his closet then you would know where my clothing addiction comes from. Every time that I visit him he shows my all the new items that he bought. He can match clothes like not a lot of dad’s can. Besides that he always inspires me and provides me items form his own collection like (military)jackets and jewellery, isn’t that great!?

Autumn brings that grey vibe

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Do you know the feeling of looking in your closet full of (awesome) clothes and suddenly not liking any of it? Well that’s the feeling I have with my autumn closet. Last year I was wearing black in combination with more black, leather, all day every day but it just doesn’t feel right this year. I want to be able to wear bare legs and lots of white!! Dresses, skirts, shorts with heels…, yeah lovely. But when it gets colder, rainy, grey, and later on snowy I’m forced to leave all those wonderful items in the closet. And when the winter gets really bad, then you can only wear ugly shoes because of the persistent snow and layers on the layers of your layers to keep that body warm. And yes this is quit depressing but….. it also means a new challenge. Yeah I think you understand where I’m getting at. It’s time to change the depressing autumn/winter closet! This means renewing and restyling old pieces but (unfortunately for my wallet) also buying some new pieces. My first warm/winterish item was this blue sweater. I’ve actually always hated sweaters, I just can’t seem to feel feminine in it, but I think it should be possible.. Victoria (from: wears it all the time and looks quit sexy in it so I guess I just have to find the right way to pull it off. The black/white jacket on top is also new. Bought it as an anti-winter piece, ready for the next summer. Made an extra shot of my jewellery just because I love the rabbit ring so much. And I have to admit that I cannot leave the door without my YSL rings. I just saw a picture of some new YSL rings with some crazy colours, craving for them now of course.

Gossip Girl: But whatever you wear, always dress to kill.

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 Just as I promised, a new look. After my exams I finally got the time to find a great location and to shoot some pictures. I know that I’ve been wearing my JC on the last photos frequently but they just go with everything. And…. I have some news to share with you. I’m going to move to Madrid for a half year to study at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. I’m really excited ofcourse, new chapter, new adventure. I hope that I can find a new photographer for a couple of months so that I can keep providing you looks. So if you know someone in Madrid, hook me up hahah. + I want to thank everyone for the amazing comments on my last look, love you all! P.S. have you seen the latest gossip girl episodes? I’m so curious about the latest developments that I’m always counting the days till Tuesday morning when I can watch it online.

My dear, you are not overdressed! Other people are underdressed.

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I like to dress up, wear high heels combined with crazy items etc. For other people it can look quit ‘different’ and ‘strange’. Because most people live their life with the quote: ‘act normal, and then you’re crazy enough’. They don’t like or wish to stand out so they dress safely and they blend in. This means that when I’m in walking around with this outfit for example in a busy crowd that everyone stops and stares like I’m a zoo animal. Then I start to think like: come on people, is it really THAT different how I look!!? Because when I look in the mirror I do see a legging with two tones and a heel that is kinda strange but I don’t see what the big deal is. So when this rude staring contest begins and I see people whispering and pointing (yeah it was really that bad) then I help myself to remember a important lesson that my father taught when it comes to style and clothing:

‘You are not overdressed, other people are just underdressed! You can’t help it that other people look like crap so you shouldn’t adjust to that’. And it is true. Just because other people wish to wear a jeans with a sweater every day and find that normal, safe clothing behaviour shouldn’t mean that you can’t dress the (crazy) way you want. I personally always find it so refreshing when I see people dressing in an unique way on the streets.

Chuck: The harder the times, the harder people wanna party and forget about it. #GG

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I love shoes that cross the ‘what the hell’ line. And I believe that there is a small line between shoes that are called ugly and shoes that are called amazing. When the shoes came in yesterday I (secretly) had some first doubts. Because yes, they are out there! But hey, I think it’s refreshing to see a shoe that is different from other shoes in the area. I think that in this world, everything that’s different, people try to change. That’s why people always tend to wear ‘safe’ clothes, that don’t stand out. Because yeah it’s weird and kinda difficult to get all kind of looks and people pointing&talking about your clothes but I think this offers an amazing challenge. You have to conquer your fear of other people’s opinions. And when you do, you will feel so free. And being free to express the way you are, is all there is!

Georgina: You can tell Jesus, that the bitch is back. #gossipgirl

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I missed my blog damn. Finally I took a new picture. I have these amazing shoes, and I didn’t even made a photo for my blog. Shame on me. I must be the worst blogger out there. I’m totally in love with them cuties. But they are white… and pretty, and the weather in Holland is grey and dirty… so I’m afraid I will get them killed brr. Any ways. I’m still a life, back in school. Kinda weird because it feels like such a strange weekly routine. I’m not in the school mood at all. But I have to stay motivated!! I’m glad that I do really like the subjects I take. Butt.. I’m just not really disciplined and focussed haha. By the way,, I have to say that I can’t wait for the new gossip girl episode. I’ve always been secretly obsessed with the show, but the summer break was a killer. I had to find a new show to steal my time and heart. And that became pretty little liars. I’m sure everyone love or will love it. I also fancy the show ‘awkward’, on MTV. I think it’s not a surprise when I tell you that I’m fond of staying home to watch series or to go to the cinema. Yesterday I went to ‘colombiana’, definitely a movie you just have to see. Well this was all the talk for today. If you want to know more about what’s on my mind you can always follow my twitter: Lots of hearts

Blair: Seduce and destroy. #gossipgirl

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 Hello again! Wearing my new leopard platforms with a new vintage blouse! I’m still in love with the white bag I bought in Paris. I hardly wear it though because I always screw up with white haha. Hope you are all okay? I’m now heading back to my sweetheart who is watching pokemon because he’s waiting for me to finish this post hihi. Lots of hearts