Prada keychain

28 mei 2011 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

Got this amazing key chain of Prada from my boyfriend. He bought it a couple of months ago for himself but decided to make me happy with it. I adore gold accessories and Prade so I’m really excited. Bought him a big ice cream to show my appreciation haha.  Lots of love

Chuck: I need you, Blair. Like I never have before. #gossipgirl

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Wearing the new shoes, necklace and bag. I just love wearing white with gold. My other obsession, instead of clothes, has to be Gossip Girl. Monday is like my favorite day because the new episode comes out. Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to wonder of in their world. Now I’m heading back to my desk, to study. Busy week!

New bought items Paris

09 mei 2011 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks
These are the items I bought in Paris. White bag with gold details, the blue shoes with gold back and a gold with blue necklace. I’m currently obsessed with these items. The heels are absolutely delicious and so comfy. It’s the first time that I bought heels which are suitable to walk on for more than a few hours. I love to wear heels, but I’m such a pussy to rock them. The only items that are not on the list are my new amazinggg ( in love ) YSL ring and the YSL shirt my boyfriend bought. I will show them on a new topic ( I was to lazy to make a great picture of them haha ) I was actually not planning to buy something at all! But hey, when you’re in Paris, and the moment you do not look for items, they just come your way, screaming at you; heey I belong to you, buy me, buy me. And then they win you over and your boyfriend says; ooeh you need to get these, and then you’re sold haha.


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My short break, visiting Paris was absolutely an amazing and inspiring experience. Saw impressive buildings, statues, beautiful gardens and had some delicious meals. Best of all; we visited the most astonishing shops! Always wanted to go to Givenchy, Yves Saint Lauren, Lanvin, Miu Miu and well.. this list could go for hours. Visited them all and bought some few items. Also found two amazing vintage stores where they sell precious items like vintage chanel and hermes bags and dazzling vintage shoes. This was the outfit I wore in Paris, always important to wear comfortable shoes visiting a city like this.

Personal style diary

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Found two lovely mails in my inbox, asking me to feature in a post on their Blog, very exciting. But there were some important questions I had to answer like, describe your style, taste of fashion and well, I think you know what sort of questions they were. Well, ofcourse I know myself, my style and how I look at Fashion but it’s damn hard to describe it to people who don’t live and look in my head 24/7. 
First of all I see my Blog as my personal Diary. I changed a lot as a person in the last two years. My style changed with the days, months that followed. A few years ago, my clothes had the intention and purpose to shock and provoke people. In those times people really didn’t get my personality so my answer was, well than I’m going to dress my self to your not-understanding. After that one year crazy phase I grew so much as a person. I moved to Amsterdam to study Advertisement, Marketing and Communication and met the most interesting people with a new view on life. My whole perception of the world around me changed and obviously my taste in clothes and the way I express my self did. I didn’t felt the pressure to act ‘different’ anymore so I had more time and energy to focus on the real me. My style adapted to that and now I try to wear clothes that suit my inner being and the way I feel every day. I still feel the pressure sometimes though to wear unique clothes, and honestly sometimes I can’t stand seeing people wearing the same clothes as me ( think a lot of people can relate to that ). But then I realise that I still have a lot to learn, working progress haha.
Music also defines what I wear on a daily basis. I get inspirited so often that I definitely don’t have a certain style. It changes every day because of that, and I find it interesting to keep an eye on it, by posting it on my personal diary Blog. It’s like a timeline, where you can see, what was on my mind in that certain time of my life. If you’re interested in my daily thoughts, and to know me just a little bit better than you can always follow me on Twitter. Hope you have a pleasant evening. Lots of love, Herphoenix

Bluebird story

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Hello guys on this Sunday night. I always find it difficult to write a story with my posts. I want to make this Blog more personal so I’m going to try to write some more. My weekend was really busy but had so much fun. I celebrated Queensnight ( a national holiday, in celebration to the Queen ) with my love, my best friend and her boyfriend on an amazing boat in Amsterdam. Saturday was all about getting some rest and relax. Luckily today we had some time to shoot a new look. The wind made this difficult because my skirt was moving everywhere in stead of staying at the place it should be. But Tyson, my lovely boyfriend and photographer always makes it work, no matter of the circumstances we deal with. Glad to have this partner to make some great pictures happen! With love, herphoenix

The celestine prophecy

15 mrt 2011 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks
It was finally such a nice weather in Holland! The lovely nature and the colors nude and brown of the clothes gives me a great summer feeling with a fresh boost of energy. The style feels light, romantic en elegant instead of the dark leather looks I always tend to wear in the dark winter times. The hat is a gift from my dad ( used to be his ) and I love the history vibe it gives my. The vintage dress, necklace ( stole that amazing one from my mothers closet ) and the heels really finish the look. Can’t wait to wear more of this style in the spring and summer. The title is called Celestine Prophecy because it’s the name of a book you absolutely have to read. It is an inspiring book what will change the way you look at life and daily occasions.