Dress yourself how you aspire to be

27 okt 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

6blog5bblog2bblog3blog1blogWearing: H&M legging, H&M dress made into a top, H&M necklace,  JC shoes.


Music, like no other, has the power to take you back to moments, days, months and years ago. Do you know that feeling when a song comes up, and you immediately remember the moment/ time in your life when you were listening to that song? I have that all the time. When I listen to that song, I also remember exactly how I felt that moment. That is why, when I want to feel happier, more confident or loved that I listen to songs from the time in my life where I felt happy, confident and loved. Sometimes when you feel sad, especially when you’re heartbroken, you listen to sad songs, songs that are about someone who feels the same as you. This obviously feels comfortable because you are hearing your own feelings in a song. And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes you just want to sink into those feeling and don’t want to hear happy songs which you cannot relate to at the moment. But when you’re ready to feel better, you have to switch to the songs that motivate and inspire you. This is the same with clothes. I don’t always agree with the quote: “You have to wear clothes that show who you are and what you feel”….. Why not wear clothes that show “the person you aspire to be”. If you want to become a confident person, it will take a long time when you wear clothes that hide yourself. If you want to feel happy again after a terrible time in your life, you should wear clothes you feel sexy and beautiful in, instead of the “comfort clothes” you throw on because you do not feel like dressing up.

Doubt means a no

20 okt 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

olifant0044blogfblogbbloggblogeblogcblogOutfit = Mink Pink & Jeffrey Campbell

Doubt… should I… should I not… do/say/leave/stay? Questions we ask ourselves everyday. I’m currently following a new rule when my doubt-stress flies in: doubt = a no. When I go shopping I always hear women around me: “should I buy this or not!???”. My instant thought on this is: No! When you do not love it on the 1st second, you shouldn’t go for it. This rule made my shopping adventures a lot easier. I know that I should go for it when I see an item and think: “I don’t care what nobody thinks, because this shit is dope!!!” or if I think: “I don’t care that I cannot buy anything for the next couple of months because I need this”. This rule of course also applies for other aspects of life. I saw this quote a couple of days ago that says it all:

“If it is unappetizing: Do not eat, date, or sign up for it. If the mere thought of it is depressing: Do not major in it, sit through it or devote your life to it. If it is not important to you: Do not do it only because it is important to someone else”

Don’t change the way you look or the way you feel to conform to anything

14 okt 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

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Today I’m going to quote the amazing book: “Normal gets you nowhere”, because it says the same lines that are always on my mind:


“Remember, the people who are most cherished and revered on this earth are sometimes the same people who are most ostracized, misunderstood, and hated. From Jesus to Abraham Lincoln to Vincent Van Gogh to Jane Fonda, it’s obvious that people don’t like people who rock the boat or even row the boat, let alone park it in their driveway or on the lawn. They like people who sit quietly in the boat—who have paid in advance for their ticket and don’t say fuck. I believe that when we see people acting “bizarrely” in this world, conjuring “odd” ideas, and talk- ing “crazy,” we should stop for a second before being so quick to judge; perhaps we should even move toward them. And when we have these ideas ourselves, maybe we should examine or draw them out like a beautiful piece of ribbon candy, instead of stifling them because we think others won’t get it. After all, so much of what we say or don’t say, and what we do or don’t do, is dictated by what others have told us or what people may think of us. This is not how we should be liv- ing—measuring ourselves against the mundane.”

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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What were you scared of today!? Was there a situating where you felt shivers and thought: “fuck I’m a little scared/anxious to do this”. Like giving a presentation for a lot of people, asking your horrible boss for a raise/free day, coming up for yourself or walking past a big group of people who will definitely look and talk about you. Did you eventually do it…. or did you succeed in finding a way around it? Once I red this amazing article that said that every situation that makes you scared, is the ultimate opportunity to become a confident and strong person. The scary situation ‘has to be there’ in order for you to grow. And it’s true. I always tried to avoid every ‘scary’ situation and I almost always succeeded with that. I’ve always been a person who creates all kind of intimidating scenarios in my head what ‘could’ happen. But last year in Madrid I decided to change and say ‘YES’ to every horrifying situation that would occur. It was so rewarding afterwords. If you go through a scary situation without trying to go around it, you will feel so invincible. You will immediately gain more confidence. If you do not go right through the scary situations, it will haunt you the rest of your life until you finally do it. Once you conquer that fear, you will lose the fear and you’ll see that you can survive everything. So just think about it, next time when you feel scared or anxious, don’t try to find a way out of it. Just jump right through it!

Have some explaining to do…

07 okt 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

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Yes darlings… I am reallly finally posting again. I guess you all are wondering: why would you create a new website and then be quiet for a long time. Well… there isn’t really a simple and short answer for that. Let’s first say: I graduated! Yes… It took a lot of time and stress. For weeks I didn’t even have time to eat, shower and eat haha. But I made it.. Then second: I started my first, real, official ‘adult’ job. So I’ve been adjusting to that as well. But then at last: the reall reall big reason why I haven’t posted anything. I want my blog to be great.. to be inspirational.. to be.. well.. professional. I’m such a bloody perfectionist. I’m almost never really satisfied with the photo’s I make. For the last couple of weeks I thought: ‘It’s better to post nothing then something that’s not good enough’. But this wasn’t really the solution because blogging, clothes, styling, editing and everything is really my biggest passion. So yes I felt terrible the last couple of non-blogging weeks. SO I decided: stop fucking making excuses babe and just make pictures and post. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So here it is: my new post. Did you see the super cute kitten!? That is my new favourite little friend. He is giving me kisses every minute of the day and sleeps next to me in my neck. <3


The only limits in your life are the ones you create with your mind. Tell yourself a new story about how far you can go.

23 jul 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

MinkPink dress3MinkPink dressdress minkpink MinkPink dress9Mink Pink dress 7Mink Pink dress ringsWearing: Mink Pink dress, H&M bracelets, JC Lita’s shoes, Ebay necklace and ring (links coming soon)

And now we’re here: the second post on my new website. The people who follow me on Instagram (if you’re not amongst them, it’s time to do so -> here ^-^ ) already seen this amazing dress. Gonna make one myself soon and show you how it’s done. Please don’t mind my nails, they are actually almost always like this. I don’t take enough care of them. (×̯×)

If what you are thinking doesn’t make you feel good, change that thought. Bad cannot bother you unless you are available.

19 jul 2013 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

flower1bblogflower4blogflower3blogflower7blogflower6blogbj0033blogWearing: MINKPINK matching top and shorts; Ebay jewellery

Yeah baby, you are now witnessing my first post on my new website. I’m so happy you are all sharing this adventure with me. I will post as much looks a week as possible. I’m going to share all my clothing secrets with you guys.  At the ‘create’ page I’m planning to post a lot of unique ‘do it yourselfs’ so you can create your own extraordinary looks. For daily inspiration you can check the ‘inspiration page’. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can also subscribe for the newsletter (@Home) if you want to get the latest updates.