A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions

07 sep 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

It’s weekend!!! I’m going to enjoy these 2 free days as much possible. The weather here in Holland is going to be amazing… this means -> beach!!! Probably the last beach day of the year, dammit.. I will make new pictures in this great weather of course. I wanted to share the photos of today much sooner but I lost the pictures… yeh you read it correctly. I accidentally deleted them a week ago haha. But as you can see, I found them!! I’m wearing a vintage blouse with vintage levi shorts.
I hope you will all have an amazing weekend<3

I’m an acquired taste … not for everybody. But for the ones that get me …. i will give you all of me, all the time

01 sep 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

Dear sweetypies. Herphoenix is back. I wish I could blog all day every day but it has been impossible last days. My new intern ship at the PR department from this amazing fashion distributor in Amsterdam has been taking all my time. I have to stand up at 7.10 every morning and I’m back home at 18.30, every day. My life changed too much the last 2 months. The transition from ‘living the good life’ in Madrid to full time work has been overwhelming. I will do the best I can to still provide great looks. I hope you will all stick with me in this journey. Love you all <3

Never fight negativity with negativity

21 aug 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

Something on my mind lately: There are always people who will do everything in their power to make other people miserable.. so that they feel a little less miserable. Most people do this subtle and unconsciously. They try to talk you down, make you feel less secure about yourself. They just cannot help themselves giving comments that de-motivate you. There are also people though who try to make your life a less amazing place on purpose. They are realllly unhappy and insecure and might have serious mental issues. They live on revenge, regret, pain and doubt. They try to force you into regret pain and doubt as well so they do not feel alone. This is extremely dangerous. No matter how strong and confident you are.. they will try to brainwash you at some point and they usually succeed. We should never.. ever allow them to spread any negativity in our lives. Never fight them with negativity.. because then they will win. They want you to be unhappy, irritated and angry about their actions. Ignore their asses and laugh about them. You should take action though when they are actual psychos that don’t stop making your life hell but you should never let this affect your emotions, feelings, motivation…. life ( this is really difficult obviously ). People can only make you feel miserable when you allow them to, never forget this!

I’d rather live a life of "oh wells" than a life of "what ifs".

28 jul 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

 I finally bought myself Ray-Ban Aviator glasses. I wanted them for so long but they always seemed a little to pricey for me. I’ve been wearing two different sunglasses which I bought for 5 euro but I noticed that the quality of the glasses are obviously extremely bad for your eyes, especially in the strong sun of Spain. I found an amazing discount on the aviator so I finally ordered them on this great website. You can order them at SmartBuyGlasses. So important for your eyes to wear a good set of sunglasses in the summer!

Walk on with hope in your heart and you’ll never walk alone.

27 jul 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

Just an easy shoot for the look of the day. Wanted to show this great vintage blouse and jacket. Bought this blouse for 1 euro at a market in Madrid, insane right!?? A lot of people think I’m really rich because of the clothes I wear. This is such a funny misconception. I have an insanely amount of clothes because I buy them for so little money. My Jeffrey Campbells are the only items in my closet which I do invest more money in. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look good or to have ‘style’. Style is your identity/personality and you cannot buy that. It’s about knowing who you are, what you want, wish and dream all together. With confidence and self-consciousness you can look good in everything!

Give me the right pair of shoes.. And I will conquer the world.

24 jul 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

Being carried by shoes. Getting wings from shoes. This is exactly how I feel when I’m wearing amazing shoes. By wearing dreams on your feet you begin making your long life dreams happen. I will always treasure this quote, cause it feels so damn true: Give a girl the right pair of shoes.. and she can conquer the world. Most of my clothes are second hand and really cheap. This vintage blouse was 2.50 euro for example. I always spend a lot of money on shoes though, I think they are an investment in your future.(thinking like this also helps to don’t feel bad about your shopping spending behaviour^^). If I wear high heels I feel so empowered. I truly feel like I can handle everything that comes my way. It gives me that extra confident.