Official first Madrid post

31 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

I’m an official Madrid inhabitant since today yeah! I arrived two days ago and stayed at a hotel for two nights. After that I finally could move in to my apartment. I live in a great house with other international students located in Chueca which is best known as the gay district of Madrid. Chueca is full with the best loungebars, cocktailbars and shops. I actually live in the most famous shoe street of Madrid!! Maybe not the best place for my impulsive shopping addiction as my parents like to call it. The shoes of the picture are new (yeah, my first item from madrid). I saw them at zara for 19 euro (used to be 79), so I couldn’t resist. Also because I couldn’t bring my own amazing white heels from back home so this felt like the perfect replacement. 

I really have to adjust to the sudden change in life’s routine. Everything is different so that means that I have to change all my habits which isn’t always the easiest. The weather is amazing though! It feels like spring with sun all day. It’s the perfect weather to shoot pictures for my blog.. the only problem.. my beloved photographer doesn’t live in Madrid. I currently do not have someone who can provide me amazing pictures which feels terrible. big time. So we’ll just have to be patience. ( not that I’m capable of that haha ). I’m now going to watch the latest gossip girl serie and spend my first night in my new room!

You don’t give up on the people you love

27 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

 After weeks of shitty rainy windy grey weather, finally a day with sun! Of course I took that moment immediately to make pictures. Wanted to show my new pants, got in on sale at H&M for only 8 euro!!  Tonight is my ‘Goodbye/ almost birthday party’ with my special friends. Have to go now and make myself and the house ready. Loves

Blair: If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go kill myself. Or max out my credit card, whichever comes first. #gossipgirl

27 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

I admire a lot of great black/white pictures but for some reason I always prefer colour ones for my blog. I think it’s always refreshing though to try something new right, leave the old pattern. The last photo is in colour because I wanted to show you what I’ve been doing to my hair. I’m in dying-process. I want the bottom of my hair a lot lighter than my black hair on top. I’m taking my time getting there. I don’t want to damage my hair to much so I’m dying it lighter in phases. I’m now leaving it brown(ish red) for some time before dying it again. Curious how it’s going to look in the end though. Even though this legging is amazing, (found it somewhere hidden in H&M a year ago) I hardly ever wear it because it hurts while sitting haha. I’m serious, the diamonds and stones on the legging are also located on the ass part, not that great for my train-bus-subway-tram life.

The awkward moment when everyone is looking at you and you don’t know if you’re fucking awesome or if you have something wrong with you

22 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in Looks

My fellow Dutch bloggers will totally agree with me that it’s a horrible time to shoot pictures outside. There is hardly any light outside and the wind behaves like a woman with PMS, unpredictable and bitchy. But as a true blogger warrior, I went to battle to show this amazing new skirt. I found it in the ZARA, for sale, yes lucky me. I see myself wearing this on a daily basis when the sun comes to the rescue and bare legs are capable to survive outside, With only a week left till my Madrid adventure starts, I’m beginning to stress about all the clothes I want to bring. I have two big suitcases and one small one. I wish to bring my whole closet, which of course does not fit, so I’m currently making ‘favourites lists’, with all the clothes I absolutely cannot live without. Mission impossible.

If it doesn’t scream FIERCE, I don’t want it.

09 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks
I’ve always loved these shoes. I personally do not wear sneakers but my boyfriend does and he has some great, special items! His size is slightly bigger than mine but I can still wear his shoes (with 3 layers of socks to fake an extra size) if I want. I just had to steal these fierce shoes and make a post about them. I just think they are so unique. I have to leave my blog again to (force myself to) study. My exams start tomorrow so I cannot post a new look for some days. So let’s say; to be continued :-)

Style is all about your own individual journey.

08 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

About this look. I bought these Dr. Martens today and I’m looking forward to finally wearing comfortable shoes. You don’t want to know which shitty shoes I’ve been wearing lately. But that phase has ended!! + I haven’t worn this shiny (vintage) ‘jacket’ for ages but decided to pull it out of the closet again to show it some respect.^-^

Adventures of an easily seduced shopping brain

04 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

I’m not a fan of sweaters at all but I couldn’t resist this fluffy cuddly soft white item. The winters in Holland are grey, windy and rainy. I prefer to wear as much white as I can to hype up my energy and positivity. Every time I touch this sweater it feels like I’m cuddling the sweetest animal. By the way; I’m ordering my own camera tomorrow and I’m extremely looking forward to it. All my blog pictures are taken by the (amazing) camera of my guy so I’m seriously dependent. With finally getting my own camera I’m able to take daily pictures. Great way to start 2012 right. ^-^

Happy new you.

01 jan 2012 Posted by Her Phoenix in ., Looks

 Happy new year, happy new you! Hope you all had a lovely day, evening and party!? My nye night can only be described as ‘kinda went wrong’ haha. But at least I got to spend parts of the evening with my lovely two ladyfriends. About the new year: I want my 2012 to be full with inspiration, motivation, love and happiness. That’s what we all want right. And I hope I can spend more time for and with my blog. But for now I’m heading back to my bed because I’m extremely tired of yesterday haha. Lots of hearts to all.